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Everette Wilson Designs - Home. Body. Luxury. Local.

City folk. Fabulous style. Community vibe. How did it happen? One could blame it on the pandemic.

Some folks adopted a pet (they did - a mutt named Bourbon). Others quit their day jobs (Everette resigned from a career as a Clinical Risk Manager to embrace all things design), some even up and moved (Everette and Wilson left Center City for Collingswood in June 2020). A select few, including Ben Everette and Jimson Wilson, followed their dreams...together they launched Everette Wilson Designs.

Everette Wilson Designs opened on July 10, 2021. The shop features a thoughtfully curated collection of spectacular lighting fixtures, amazing accent chairs and statement sofas, custom area rugs, mid-century modern consoles, captivating object-d'art, locally crafted pillows, attractive throws, exquisite candles and more. In addition to luxury home goods you will find a selection of carefully chosen body products, many of which are private label and created exclusively for Everette Wilson Designs. Discover lavender and vanilla beard balm, argon grooming pomade, sea salt spray with coconut (perfect for thinning hair!), Spongelle buffers and body washes and a host of gender-neutral and men’s body products. Whether you seek inspiration or an inspired selection of articles for the home and body, a visit to Everette Wilson Designs is a must-see in South Jersey.

The pandemic played a big part in the couple's move from Philadelphia to Collingswood. They’d adopted Bourbon on their fifth wedding anniversary, and enjoyed living in Philadelphia and walking their dog in Center City, but it changed overnight. The onset of Covid coupled with civil unrest were just too much. Ben always wanted a chic condo with a rooftop pool while Jimson sought a farm in the suburbs; both loved the vitality and nightlife Philly offered so it was all good, until it wasn’t. Time to move.

While the couple knew little about South Jersey, Collingswood immediately captivated. Walkable, with an easy commute to Center City, it offered an urban vibe coupled with a small town, Mayberry R.F.D. feel. In June 2020 they found their forever home in Collingswood and began to fall in love with the town.

With the move, Ben reevaluated his career and realized he’d checked most, but not all of the boxes. It was time to revisit his roots and tap into his creative side. Coming from a family who runs a furniture business in Louisiana, he had a feel for retail, and saw an opportunity to launch a carefully curated luxury home and body shop stocked with unique statement pieces that are truly one of a kind, with a side order of hand picked body products. In October 2020 he resigned his day job and went all in - Everette Wilson Designs was in the works. Jimson, who grew up in India, brings a colorful perspective coupled with an appreciation for intricate detail; together their design style transcends boundaries and starts conversations.

The lease for 686 Haddon Avenue in Collingswood was signed in March 2021, a buying trip to Las Vegas followed in April and hours of labor to transform the space were logged in May and June. Windows were replaced, the interior space upgraded, lights hung and store fixtures constructed by Jimson, and the pair envisions a reimagining of the courtyard to incorporate live plants and fabulous containers. The duo sees the shop as an extension of their home, and an expression of their personal taste and style, and they look forward to sharing their vision with you. Everette Wilson Designs is open for business!

Check out the shop at and follow on Facebook @EveretteWilson and Instagram to learn more!

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