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The Skirmish

On Saturday, June 4, 2022, the British invaded Haddonfield and were challenged by Continental troops, just as they did 244 years ago — in June 1778. 

The day’s events included many other activities such as a Yelling Contest, Colonial Dancing, Pillory Prisoners and Character reenactors. Plus, Soldier reenactors meeting visitors before and after the Skirmish. Make sure you are following @haddonfieldskirmish on social media for a full glimpse into the day!

The British Are Coming

Redcoats on horseback charged, muskets were fired, and the Continentals will tried stop the redcoats before they went off to the Battle at Monmouth. General Washington had ordered the militia to “annoy” the Redcoats, and so we did again.


The Indian King Gazette

Read the 2022 edition below!

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