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Sharing the Love and Sweetness This Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for something special and personal to give to those you love in your life? Well, look no further than Sweet Delivery.

Sweet Delivery is an online candy delivery company. It is owned and operated by Carrie Jenkins out of her home in South Jersey. Carrie is originally from Canada, but moved to the U.S. about five years ago. While on leave from her job as a flight attendant, she decided to develop Sweet Delivery. One interesting thing about Sweet Delivery is that they can ship anywhere in the U.S., as well as Canada!

“[I] started the process [of developing Sweet Delivery] in January 2020, but it officially launched in late August,” says Carrie. “It focuses on recognition, gratitude, and showing appreciation for people in [our] personal or professional lives.”

Carrie’s mindset for developing Sweet Delivery was to find something to send to long distance friends and family. She was also looking for something to fill her time, as well as something to do. With previous experience in HR, she has recognized the impact of how much a small gesture can mean to someone; every day, little things make such a big impact.

The process is simple and unique: people can visit the Sweet Delivery site and decide who they want to send a candy box to. They can choose from three sizes and whether or not they will select the candy for the receiver, or if the receiver will pick their own candy. Along with the candy is a personalized e-card that the sender will give to the receiver.

What a treat! (Literally).

The company itself is also able to evolve in many ways, Carrie says, and wants to get involved with the community.

Recently, Sweet Delivery was selected as the candy provider for the “Share the Love” initiative in Haddonfield and Haddon Heights. In local businesses, people can find valentines to fill out for first responders in the area, or for those involved with Interfaith Caregivers. As an added bonus, people are able to send candy to friends and family they love!

To learn more about the “Share the Love” initiative, visit the “Share the Love” section on, and check out Sweet Delivery’s site to order candy before Valentine’s Day.

Photos provided by Carrie Jenkins of Sweet Delivery.

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