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Groovy Smoovies

Spring has finally arrived, so what better way to enjoy this warm weather than with a refreshing smoothie from Groovy Smoovies!

Groovy Smoovies is located on East Kings Highway right beyond the intersection of that road and Haddon Ave.

The shop opened up around the time that COVID hit, as the owner was looking for a way to combine his love for health and fitness with writing and movies. He wanted to open Groovy Smoovies to provide fresh and healthy smoothies and juices to the community, but in a fun and creative way.

When you walk in, you’re greeted by the aroma of fresh popcorn and a movie playing on the TV. To order your smoothie or juice, you step up to the “box office” and choose from an array of options on the movie clapper to the side of you.

Each smoothie is cleverly named after well-known movies. For example, we tried the “Beauty and the Peach” which is an incredible play on “Beauty and the Beast.”

Groovy Smoovies is open every day except Sunday, so make sure you stop by and check out all they have to offer!

To learn more, visit their Instagram page and website!

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