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Mapping Out the Community

What does home mean to you? To Georgia from @georgiamaycreativeco, a home represents community and connection. Thus, Georgia May Creative Co was born.

In December, Georgia and her husband decided to create a “scavenger hunt” of sorts for their son to complete. They’d have him draw pictures of things he should find, almost as if he would be searching for treasures. Georgia has mentioned that she has an interest in treasure-like stories, which turned into a love for maps; she grew up reading books with maps and wanted to find a way to incorporate that sort of concept later in life.

So, with some brainstorming and careful attention to detail, Georgia designed a map of Collingswood for Christmastime. She and her family had just moved there from Philadelphia and she wanted to make the area feel more like home; she figured that creating a map of the town would help her to get better acclimated with the community, as well as prompt others to be interested in what she was creating. She posted her drawing on Facebook and instantly sold 80 copies; people were itching for maps of their own hometowns.

And, with that, Georgia started designing more maps of other towns. Surrounding towns such as Haddonfield, Haddon Township and Haddon Heights have been featured, as well as others within the South Jersey region.

Ultimately, Georgia’s goal is to take people on a journey throughout South Jersey and connect with numerous small towns to help them stand out.

Check out her shop on Etsy and her Instagram to learn more!

Photos provided by Georgia from Georgia May Creative Co

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