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Winter Wonderland Illuminated Walking Trail

After servicing the local community since 1961 with Christmas Trees and Pumpkin Picking, we have decided to add a new attraction to our farm this upcoming tree season.

Presenting: Winter Wonderland Illuminated Walking Trail

Your night begins with a stroll through the woods filled with fun snowmen and trees, illuminated boxes with miniature scenes, AND a fairy garden box! Further down the trail, you might even pass a secret gnome village! The path flows out of the woods and into our Live Christmas Tree fields. You’ll pass by a penguin igloo town, “fly by” BirdHouse Row, and watch out for a runaway toboggan! The trail is draped and decorated with tens of thousands of lights and is THE best way to celebrate the season! After the trail, make sure to stop by the bonfires for some hot chocolate and s’mores! You can even walk through the trail a SECOND time after enjoying the bonfires!

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