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The Leprechaun Gold Hunt

The Leprechaun Gold Hunt 2024

The Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun was passing through Cherry Hill when his bag snagged a tree branch and tons of his gold fell out and landed at various parks in our community. On March 17, 2024 at 9AM, head to the specified community parks to hunt for the Leprechaun Gold. Find & keep 1 - 2 pieces of gold as a keepsake.

At each park will be larger pieces of gold with letters on them. Jot down the letters you find at each park on the Activity sheet that will be provided the morning of the hunt and decode the Leprechaun's secret message!

This activity is FREE and open to the public.

This is a very easy going, at your own pace event.

In order to receive the location of where the gold will be dropped, you MUST subscribe to our FREE weekly newsletter. The list will only go out to those on the list. Subscribe To get on the List today ➜

** The Park Locations will not be revealed until the morning of the hunt.

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