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The Inevitable In-Person Meetup

Let's meet in person! We're a predominantly online group, but when you see the same people often enough, we'll inevitably want to hang out in person, so here's a chance to do it, all while still doing what we do most often!

The plan is to meet at the Guild Hall Hobby and play games through the day. People can come and go as needed and we can have multiple tables going at once. You know, similar to our how our online sessions usually go.

The Guild Hall Hobby is in the Moorestown Mall, conveniently located in Moorestown, NJ, itself about 20 minutes from Philadelphia and about 40 minutes from Trenton and Wilmington. It's a location with lots of games and tables to play, but people are free to bring their own as well. They charge $5 to play games there (for the whole day), but people can come and go as desired. Learn more about it at

This meetup is run in association with other meetup groups in the South Jersey area and was crossposted to their pages as well. Many of them run events similar to ours, so also take a look at their events!

Voorhees Boardgame Meetup Group:

Lumberton Board Game Group:

For those not anywhere near the South Jersey area, we'll aim to have other in-person events later, in other places near other places where there's a large concentration of our regular players, and have a carpool thread for anyone still willing to drive the distance.

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