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Rowan University Art Gallery is pleased to present SuperCellular, a new collaborative site-specific immersive art gallery experience by Carolyn Healy and John JH Phillips.

Opening reception and artist’s talk on February 2, from 5 - 7 pm. The talk begins at 5:30 pm.

SuperCellular combines sculpture, light, sound, and moving imagery as a reflection of the astonishing and almost incomprehensible density and activity of the chemical molecules in our bodies. Inspired by neuroscience, cellular biology, and genetics— topics extensively read and watched by the artists during the COVID-19 pandemic—the installation contemplates the complexities and intricacies of living processes and the mysteries of cellular interactions.

Visitors will enter the installation through a short corridor and walk into a darkened room where every section, ceiling to floor, is filled with sculpture, video, and sound. Interacting with projections and sculptures, as well as soundscapes composed from over 450 computer sound files, viewers will be immersed in an active buzzing aural environment.

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