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Puttin on the Ritz Paranormal Investigation

Come investigate The Ritz Theatre in Haddon Township, NJ. This awesome event gets you a seat at The Ritz Theatre Co production of Peter and The Star Catcher and when the Curtain closes and the lights go dark...IT'S TIME TO INVESTIGATE! The Ritz gets super charged with paranormal activity after live performances!

Opened in 1927, The Ritz was home to vaudeville audiences with 600 seats, and a Gottfried 2 manual organ. The theatre was a popular downtown cinema and in the 1950’s it became South Jersey’s premier foreign film venue before it went into a period of decline in the 1970’s when it became a venue for adult movies. Now it is a revitalized, majestic gem for the performing arts community! Oh and it's HAUNTED!!!


👻 Residual spirits of those trapped in the theatre

👻 Intelligent spirts who like to open and slam doors and get physical with those who visit the theatre

👻 Shadow figures

👻 Disembodied voices

👻 High spirit energies

THE RITZ THEATRE IS A PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR'S DREAM LOCATION! Our public Investigations are for all leves of paranormal hunters!

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