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Christmas Under Water Ft. Scuba Santa

Adventure Aquarium invites holiday lovers to splash into the spirit of Fishmas for an experience worth writing to the North Pole about during Christmas Underwater, running from Friday, November 24 to Sunday, December 24.

Adventure Aquarium’s marquee holiday sights include:


The star of Christmas Underwater is Scuba Santa, who will be swimming to town to share holiday cheer with believers of all ages (and species!) Guests can interact and snap selfies with Scuba Santa, who will be diving daily in Ocean Realm among sea turtles, sharks, and stingrays.

SNOWTUNDA (New & Improved)

Take a winter stroll through the new and improved Snowtunda, which will sprinkle the heart of the Aquarium in snow-like flurries.


If that’s still not enough Fish-mas cheer, visitors can soak in the dazzling glow of the World’s Tallest Underwater Christmas Tree, shining bright among the Aquarium’s shiver of sharks which includes sandbar, sand tiger and nurse sharks.

Adventure Aquarium

1 Riverside Dr.

Camden, New Jersey 08103

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