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Brunch is a Drag - Madonna VS Whitney Drag Brunch at Tortilla Press Cantina

Just Like a Prayer, our Queens will take you there! With tributes to all of the iconic eras of Madonna & Whitney Houston, you'll be Hung Up on our Divas! And the Greatest Love of All... is the incredible Brunch and Cocktail Menu at The Tortilla Press Cantina!

How will you know what an incredible afternoon you’re in store for? Get your tickets today before We Have Nothing… NOTHING… NOTHING left!

We’ve paired the Tri-State Area’s top Drag Queens with the DELICIOUS brunch menu at The Tortilla Press Cantina to bring you this One of a Kind Monthly Treat! From hilarious performers & dancing divas to delicious food and audience games, Brunch is A Drag is what you've been missing on your Sunday afternoon!

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