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AC Beer & Music Festival

The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival is an annual event held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, celebrating craft beer and live music. The festival showcases a vast selection of breweries from around the country, offering attendees the chance to sample hundreds of different craft beers. It also features live bands, food vendors, and interactive games, making it a popular destination for beer enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

Celebrating over 17 years of amazingly crafted beers and the fantastic humans that create them!. The dates are set! The 2024 Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival spring fling and return to the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Session #1: Fri. April 12th, 8pm to 12am

Session #2: Sat. April 13th, 12pm to 4pm

Session #3: Sat. April 13th, 6pm to 10pm

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