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2023 Exhibit- "Back to the Fifties" — Harrison Township Historical Society

The 2023 exhibition focuses on our community’s mid-century history, exploring the era of rock and roll, the Cold War, Civil Rights and mid-century advancements as reflected in Harrison, South Harrison and Elk Townships. The post-World War 2 period presaged the changes and growth that were to take place over the next 60 years.

While farming continued to dominate the local economy, more residents, many new to the community, were working outside of the township. New arrivals stimulated a need for housing and several of the larger residences in Mullica Hill were converted into apartments. Farmers began selling off lots with road frontage for new homes, all of which stimulated the need for new schools.

Old Town Hall Museum

62 South Main Street,

Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

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